J. Ray Murillo, P.E.

Ray Murillo

A Note From The President

We started Murillo Engineering and Testing Services in August 1967, determined to provide our clients with expert geotechnical analysis and recommendations that help ensure the success of their building projects. In 1990, we added environmental site assessment services, and in 1996 we shortened our name to The Murillo Company.

Over the past 48 years, our staff has provided geotechnical and environmental analysis and recommendations for approximately 15,000 projects. We have provided inspections and testing services on an additional 25,000 construction projects.

The majority of our clients have engaged our services on multiple occasions, and many have been doing business with us since our company’s inception. We’re proud of the quality of our services and the loyalty our clients have shown us.

If you own a piece of land or are considering purchasing one on which you wish to build, I encourage you to call us for a thorough environmental and soil review. We’ll provide you with the information needed to make the right decisions regarding the property and help ensure your project’s success.

All of us at The Murillo Company are committed to providing our clients the best analysis and reporting that addresses their specific needs. And we have 40 years of growth and satisfied clients to prove it.

J. Ray Murillo, P.E.
President and CEO